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Make positive mindful drumming an uplifting part of your routine.

Strengthen a positive mindset and experience the joys of drumming.

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Enrol with your email

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Step 2

Get a pair of drumsticks or tap your body to start

Click here for drumsticks & recommended equipment

Step 3

Use a good screen and sound system and join in!

Login, watch, listen, join in and help spread the word!

We recommend using drumsticks and a pad or mat. 

These are ideal to use at home, school or at work in an office, or meeting room.

Or tap on your body, a table, or on a box.

We use a combination of recorded and live material in our events. 

Our setup provides really good audio & visuals for you to follow.

One subscritption provides one user account for your whole household.

24/7 Access via Membership subscription:

You can enrol and access your membership account direct at https://drumunited.academy

We use a safe and secure e-learning platform.  Its really easy to create your own account in 3 steps using your own email address and a memorable password.

Monthly and annual subscriptions are processed by recurring payments which you can stop and start at anytime.  Membership gives you continuos access to your chosen activity without the need to re-book.  You'll be able to access the recorded content and LiveStream links all from your own account.

PLUS subscribed members can be social and 'interactive' and join in to exclusive sessions with a webcam!

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Company # 08261538.  We are a Social Enterprise. Our primary focus is to create positive social change.