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We combine rhythms with affirmations - participants develop a positive mindset and experience the calming, uplifting joys of drumming. Bespoke content is tailored for all abilities and suits most settings.

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Enrolment is for one user account to access the recorded content, webcasts and LiveStreams.

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Membership gives you immediate access to your own account and permission to use our content across your site including the LiveStream webcasts.  Plus you can access the exclusive interactive sessions (with webcams).  All of the content is centralized on our safe and secure platform: This means there aren't any confusing extra links or forever changing details.

Enrol a multiple number of users with a 90% discount.

You can purchase individual membership accounts for any number of your organizations community.  For example 300 students at a school, or 1000 employees at a large corporate, or 25 families from a kindergarten / nursery setting.

Easy to use membership program

We use a safe and secure e-learning platform to provide a high quality, safe, secure and simple to use membership service.  Its really easy to create your own account in 3 straight forward steps using your own email address and a password.

High quality technology that suits all screens of any size

We use a combination of recorded and live materials with really good audio & visuals for you all to follow and benefit from.  We're really proud of our content and appreciate all feedback.  This content is accessible across all devices including laptop, tablet or mobile. It also looks and sounds great on large TV monitors, SMART Boards, cinema and projection screens.

Easy to start - tap your body or join in with drum-sticks and a pad

We recommend using drumsticks and a pad or mat. Or participants can tap on their body (body percussion), a table, a box or a drum.  This activity is suitable for most premises: classrooms, offices, warehouses, care centres, libraries, conference halls and theatres.

20 day FREE trial and a 30 day money back guarantee

Monthly membership and annual enrolment both come with a 20 day FREE trial and a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you'll have 20 days to try our great service before you commit to payment and 30 days in which you can request an automatic refund - we are confident you'll LOVE this service and see the benefits for your organization.

positive mindful drumming

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100% of the profit is used to fund our social empowering projects

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Company # 08261538.  We are a Social Enterprise. Our primary focus is to create positive social change.