Upcoming project target: £500 GBP

positive mindful drumming & body percussion

for 500 young people and 25 settings-staff

Contribute and get a reward

Help us reach 500 young people in the UK to learn and play our uplifting rhythms set to positive affirmations. This will give them opportunities to be creative, improve their wellbeing and develop / strengthen a growth mindset. 

500 young people will each receive our bespoke curriculum in 2 formats:

~ full-access to the online membership for a year

~ printed booklets

PLUS ~ 25 settings-staff will access our training to facilitate their own sessions using our resources for the young people they work with.

Why combine drum rhythms & affirmations?
Drumming improves wellbeing and mental health: it releases endorphins, calms the mind, reduces tension, anxiety and stress. The great benefit is that drumming helps strengthen neurological pathways. So, by combining uplifting rhythms with affirmations, our program develops and strengthens better patterns of thought.

Why is this project needed?
In January '21 the UK Children's Commissioner reported numbers of young people experiencing poor mental health was rising - the C-19 pandemic has caused an even greater urgency to help improve good mental well-being.

How will the project be delivered?
We continue to develop our network of delivery-partners to work alongside us on this project. This includes: Charities, Libraries and Music Hubs who are in direct contact with schools and young peoples settings and can help us ensure we reach the young people who are most-in-need of this project.  We will work delivery-partners in the UK. Each will help us reach between 25 - 100 young people, plus 1- 10 settings-staff.

What is the cost of this project?

  • £100 cost of printed resources
  • £ 75 cost of distribution
  • £250 operational costs of website & production
  • £75 cost of crowdfunder & transaction fees
  • £000 cost of campaign rewards (given 'in-kind' by drum united)

What rewards are being offered?
£10 ~ 1 month full-access for you and your family / household
£30 ~ 3 months full-access PLUS a 7-day pass to gift to 3 friends
£100 ~ 1 year full-access PLUS a 1 month pass to gift to 10 friends
£300 ~ 1 year full-access for you and 30 friends PLUS an exclusive online event
£900 ~ 1 year full-access for 100 people PLUS an exclusive event (online/in-person UK)

Testimonials ~ what people have said about our service

  • 'The workshops are fantastic'~ The British School of Amsterdam
  • 'The sessions are great & add a new dynamic' ~ Manor Courses International
  • 'I would highly recommend' ~ Teacher in charge of Creative Arts, Downs View

1 month full-access to our online programs

3 months full-access to our online programs

1 year full-access to our online programs

1 year full-access for you and 30 friends PLUS an exclusive online event (upto 250 webcams)

1 year full-access for you and 100 connections

PLUS an exclusive event

Further inspiration and an insight from our CVO, Adey

"My life experience has led me to believe the truth - that people of all abilities must be equiped to develop good mental wellbeing and mental resilience.  Every person must be given an equal opportunity to unlock their potentials, offering their best self to their shared society /& the global community.

Back in 2009 (in my late 20s) I suffered with poor mental health - drumming was a big part of my recovery.  I went on to form Drum United as a UK Community Interest Company in 2012.  The 'idea' of combining mantra and rhythms materialised back in 2018. I was listening to Brendon Burchard, the world-class personal development coach. In particular, I'd been listening to "The Charged Life". Brendon talks about the power of affirmations on a daily basis. I found myself repeating the affirmations.  But as a drummer, I naturally put the affirmation in time to the beat of the uplifting music. Next, I tapped the rhythm while keeping the mantra in my inner voice, before saying it aloud 3 times. This felt great. I realised its power and its purpose - my excitement sparked a series of thoughts and the name 'positive mindful drumming' emerged. So I began developing the service. A week later, with my team member Tom, I led a training session for facilitators at SoundCity (Brighton & Hove music hub). The response was fab, it gave me the confidence to continue with the programs development.