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positive mindful drumming

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positive mindful drumming helps develop drumming skills, good well-being and a positive mindset.

We teach rhythms with affirmations - a great combination.  Drumming releases endorphins which make you feel good, and it strengthens neurological pathways.  Affirmations and mantra are short sentences filled with positive words, feelings and thoughts.

The program uses recorded and live-stream content separated into 3 Mantra Levels: Basic ~ Medium ~ Advanced

Members get unlimited access at anytime to all 3 Mantra Levels which include recorded tutorials and weekly LiveStreams.

Resources also include meditation videos, drum tutorials and mindset development courses available to use at anytime.

We recommend using drumsticks and a pad or mat.. but its easy to join-in and start without equipment.

These are ideal to use at home, school or at work in an office or breakout room.  Or start by tapping your body, a book or a box - or improvise!

Our setup provides really good audio & visuals for you to follow.  One subscritption provides one user account.

As a Social Enterprise, our profit funds our social empowering projects for the next generation of young adults.

So by enroling to our membership program, you will be supporting our 'just-cause' while you benefit from the rewards of positive mindful drumming