Milton Keynes {UK}

Central Library


Thursday 25th July.

10:30-11:00am = Under 5s

11:15-11:45am = Age 5 to 12

Book and get a tutorial booklet.

Contribute £3 if you can afford to.

Register for FREE

(1 adult accompanying upto 3 kids)


Join in with our upbeat rhythms and mantras like "Believe in the world, believe in yourself". Participate with air-drumming, body-tapping, box-drumming and drum-sticks.

All equipment is provided. Our methodology suits all ages and abilities.


Registered participants will be invited to join 10 minutes early.
All participants with or without registration will then be welcome.

Latecomers are welcome but to keep the session flowing, please join on the periphery.

All young people and children are to be accompanied by an adult care-giver at all times.

Tutorial resources for teachers and facilitators:

Teachers / Facilitators can get full accessto use our resources in schools and organisations. Prices start from £49 a year for 1 setting. These resources are great to use not only in a music lesson but also in a classroom or yeargroup setting as a daybreaker in registration time.

The benefits of drumming:

You've probably heard that drumming improves mental health and better wellbeing? It reduces tension, anxiety and stress, calms the mind and releases endorphins.

Did you know that it also strengthens neurological pathways? Plus, drumming at our social events helps strengthen the feeling of unity, connectedness and togetherness!


Visit our online shop for our t-shirts produced using 100% renewable energy, made with 100% organic cotton and printed with our rhythms and mantras!

Feedback and share your experience:

We hope you have a positive experience. Please share your feedback with us and please consider recommending the sessions with your community.

This project has been developed with support from Arts Council England and has taken place at libraries in Birmingham, Manchester and Milton Keynes, with plans to scale up.